Random Links

Hallloooo everyone. I've added some super cool links......they are all so awesome-- you must visit them NOW !!!

* Icestorm's Action Review has current film reviews and cool movie-related links. Don't forget to check out his cafe--he's written several thought provoking shortstories and his reflections upon religion and philosophy are definitely worth reading (he's developing plans for world domination- amitious boy!!!). His site is definitely my favorite on the entire net---oh, I think I'm in love.. !!

* Visit Yoda's Cottage!--this site is the best Star Wars site on the web!! Doesn't everybody just love Yoda and all of his fortune-cookie wisdom? (Muppet Newsflash: Mr. Yoda is an irresistibly *cool* person who loves Star Wars (he's also really philosophical....ask him anything).

* ReelViews provides an extensive compilation of movie reviews. James Bernardinelli is the BEST film reviewer around (even better than the famous Siskel and Ebert duo), even though he receives no money for his critiques. (I don't really understand-- he truly is an excellent writer and deserves appropriate attention).

* Adam's Nothing Page contains some great writing (he's a brilliant fellow) Make sure to check out his page titled "Humour, Philosophy, and Wax Lips"!!!

* The U2 "POP" website provides lots of info on the BEST band in the world! (please excuse me while I faint....Bono is my greatest weakness. His beauty blinds me. **sigh**)

* The He-Man and She-Ra Page has lots of info on my favorite cartoons from the 80's (Oh youth!!!). I have great appreciation for She-Ra -she was so nice and also completely devoted to the fellow "Guardians of Greyskull." But, most importantly, she could kick some serious bad guy ass!!!

* The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S Project contains test procedures conducted to determine the properties of twinkies. The Rapid Oxidation Test is my personal favorite-- they conclude that "twinkies could be an acceptable substitute for firewood in extreme situations."

* Visit Jack Nicholson's Movie Page--this is an awesome and frequently updated page with current movie reviews. Jack is 10 years old and has already developed great web skills--and his movie reviews are extremely well written!

* Mike's Pointers to help you out in life (which he learned from watching movies) are hilarious- they mention several common movie cliches.

Before you go- please check out my best friends' homepages. Amy's (piglet) Reflective Haven is full of wonderful personal insights (she's a rather clever girl) and great links! Don't forget to sign her guestbook or she'll be sad!!!! You can also visit Airy's Dreamland --another oh-so super dreamy homepage. She's rather clever as well (she's also very sweet- but beware- she's rapidly gaining a reputation as being intolerably sarcastic).

Hey! I recently discovered an awesome page dedicated to the "exhalted one." Check out Jabba's Palace- this wondrously ingenious Star Wars fan in one of the few who spell "Jabba the Hutt" with two t's! Give her five frogs for that one!!!!

I'd love to hear from anyone who has some pointers or suggestions. Please e-mail me at jfdf@erols.com... or you may sign my guestbook. Thanks! :)

Hey..I have tons of additional links that I'll try to post soon....See ya later, friends!!

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