My Notebook

July 24, 1997
(I keep on thinking about the Central Fidelity chicken. That sounded a bit odd-- let me clarify: Earlier today I zipped into Central Fidelity's (my bank, dears) ATM machine lane, and as I was punching in my top-secret official bank member code (get yours today) I spotted a white chicken standing in the parking lot. I mentioned the white chicken encounter while at work, discovering that I haven't been the only one with a sighting--- several other people have seen the chicken over the past few weeks. It's all very odd. Well, enough about that. But I bet the chicken leads an intriguing life...hey! BABE did rather well with the box-office. Perhaps children would enjoy watching the adventures of the Central Fideltiy chicken as she dodges peppy car wheels and deposit slip paper-cuts. Okay, maybe not.)

Now that I got that off my chest (and it was such a big load off!!), let me share with you my notebook's noble mission: To inform the webbie public exactly where Jabba's Film Hutt is standing in regard to both construction and it's webmaster's (or rather webminor) sanity--- which isn't doing to well considering I'm so preoccupied with that chicken.

Here are the stats:
* Air Force One opens this week and I'm racing to the theater, so that review will be up in a couple of days. I'm hoping that writing the review will inspire me into writing the production information for the film. I'll just have to see if my awesomely exciting friends leave me alone this weekend so I can write a few paragraphs about Mr. Ford.
* As for my sanity: I ain't doing so well. While I was away on vacation my parents bought a new computer. Don't be fooled-- this is NOT a good thing. All of my bookmarks and e-mail were deleted in the tranfer, and (worst of all) my page looks COMPLETELY different on the new screen. The background is all distorted and my fonts aren't showing up. And the colors are way too light...but I'll stop complaining-- I must mend Jabba's cuts, so this unfortunate project will preoccupy me for awhile.

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